Final release is NOT near!
Please read on the main page. Thank you all for support..

Final release is near!
Dear colleagues and fans. The final release is almost in the end. At the end of this month we're going to announce the date of final release of True Brew. We've done last changes and added new features. When the release is out, we are going to continue developing till perfection, so keep sending feedbacks and suggestions. In next weeks we'll send letters for the roasteries and people in the coffee industry. They'll get sample application for free. If you want to ensure, we'll write you, please send us a mail. Thank you all for support..

Added new features!
Mostly as a reaction on feedback of our testers, we've added some features.
*Click on the TimeLine to set or read details of the stamps
*Advanced Water Retention system = calculates how much water stays soaked in the coffee ground after brew, so you can input water amount that goes in, not out. It's always dependant on weight of dry coffee. So if the coeficient is 2, it means that you put 30g in brewer and another 60g of water stays soaked in after brew...
*sliding through coffees
*fixed few bugs
*and some minor features, you'll find them soner or later..