Calculation part:

The calculation part is designed for use with external refractometer. You write Your coffee details like coffee weight, brew water or final beverage weight and result from the refractometer. The application computes Your Total Dissolved Solids, Extraction Yield and show it on a simple chart with the exact results.
Timer part:

The Timer part helps You to write down the time of each pour and stir during the extraction, same as the total extraction time. It'll create a simple time line, which You can save with Your results from calculation part and with coffee details to Your library.
Library part:

The Library part is used to watch Your coffees and easy sharing with other users. Just by clicking upload button, You can share Your coffee recipe with other users. And in the Internet library, You can browse and search coffees You like, have a look, how other users prepare the same coffee and how was their results of extraction. Here You can learn from experiences of others, share Your bests and rate other users recipes.

Please welcome to the world of coffee!
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