We are very sorry, but as we found out we're not able to release the application. VST inc. has patented the method and application for measuring coffees and other substances. Shipping and selling application like True Brew is contrary to law. Thank you all for support and your interest, but this is the end and there is nothing we can do about it. And for circa next 20 years will be the only way to measure brewed coffee to buy Extract Mojo or MojoToGo.

Thank you for understanding.
Universal Refractometer apparatus and Method Patent by VST

True Brew is coffee brewing application designed for baristas, cafes and roasters. With external refractometer (not only coffee refractometer, but also wine, sugar and universal refractometers) computes Total dissolved solids in coffee, extraction yield and coffee strength.

Timer help you create time line of coffee brewing and save Your preparation and coffee details to your library. Than you can share coffee recipes with other users, use the entire internet library, rate other users recipes and more.